The Team

Streamcare's strength lies in the range of skills within the team - we all have unique expertise complementing each other and allowing us to work together perfectly, this was highlighted during the Care Innovation Challenge and during the build-up to presenting in the Department of Health.

Tayeb (Ty) Hassan

After completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences (BSc), Ty went on to study Entrepreneurship as a postgraduate student at the University of Surrey. Combining the two allowed him to pursue his passion for exploring opportunities in both the healthcare and care sectors. Ty has gained some experience in new business ventures after working previously on a healthcare app called MyMedicine. Currently, Ty is also the Chairman of the University of Surrey Men’s Football Club, overseeing all 6 football teams at the University and so have gained valuable experience in personnel management, working under deadlines and appropriate time management.

Ty Hassan

James Lynn

James is a 3rd year MEng Electronic Engineering with Space Systems student at the University of Surrey. He has particular expertise in circuit design, with previous projects being recognised by Nasa for ‘Best Use of Hardware’. He also has experience using a range of programming languages. As co-founder and CTO of Canaria, a vital signs monitoring system designed to improve worker safety in mines, he led the company to win recognition from Richard Branson and investment from the Unearthed Accelerator. This year, James has been working with the Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) to develop advanced biopotential monitoring systems.

James Lynn

Divyanshi Karmani

Divyanshi volunteers as an Operational First Aider with St John's Ambulance. This experience have made her intuitive to care needs and thus have gained the right level of professional empathy for both care home residents and staff. She has a strong awareness of care requirements at a healthcare setting obtained from her degree (BSc Biomedical Science), which she hopes to fruitfully apply to the care sector.


Adam Idrissi

A recent Mechanical Engineering graduate, Adam has a passion for all things technology and innovation. He spent a year as an intern at an engineering company abroad, putting all his theoretical knowledge into practice in a foreign industry and his engineering knowledge has aided the completion of his most valued project, the design of a ground source heat pump. Gaining the necessary experience to create and innovate using design, engineering and programming skills means that Adam brings the best out of our team.