Streamcare Pilot Launch

The day is here. Streamcare is to be implemented in its very first care home. A beautiful home in Reigate, Surrey, one of 12 owned by Elizabeth Finn Homes (EFH) Care Group. We got in contact with the the care group at the National Care Forum Conference, where we had an opportunity to pitch Streamcare as an idea. Fast-forward a few months and several meetings later, we’ve decided to turn it to a reality.

The team worked relentlessly on developing the backend of Streamcare as well as getting all the devices ready. Of course, some obligatory start-up all-nighters fixing bugs and troubleshooting had to happen, but Streamcare was ready for implementation. And finally, it was time to head to Reigate where the home was located.

We arrive to the care home, safe and dry, as it was a gloomy day. Nevertheless, we were greeted with a big smile by the receptionist and met the manager straight away, who introduced us to the Senior Nurse, who showed us around the home and took us to the residents’ room.

Personally, as optimistic as I am, I was anxious to interrupt the care practices in the home or even displease the residents. But in the contrary, we quickly realised that most of the residents and the staff were excited to see this new activity in the care home. The residents taking part in our pilot appreciated the extra attention. That was nice to see, and it was a great feeling that just being there made a difference to the residents’ day, no matter how small.

The team explained what we’re doing and why we’re there to residents, with the help of the Senior Nurse. We then promptly collected consent and swiftly implemented the devices, switched them on and allowed the residents and nurses to carry on with their day.

Ever since, the team has made continuous visits to the care home, ensuring that we’re not interfering with any of their practices and more importantly not causing any distress to the residents. It was vital to hear that the system was completely seamless to the residents as well as the carers, ticking that requirement of the list.

Looking to the future, this is an exciting time for Streamcare and the Wiggly Line Company, a big milestone in our journey was reached and plenty more to conquer next. We look forward to working closely with our pilot partner to develop the best solution possible prior to expanding. This is just the beginning.